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Orientation in Labyrinth

Czech Lands in European Context

A week-long course oriented towards newly arrived foreign experts and their spouses who would like to gain a prompt insight into politics, economics, society, culture and history. Part of the program is an introductory Czech language course (Czech for survival). The number of participants in a group is limited to 10 persons. The duration and content of the course can be determined upon individual request.

A five-day program from Monday to Friday, 9am-4,15pm, with lunch breaks from 12,15-1pm. The programme includes indoor lectures and workshops, and outdoor experiments. Throughout the programme you will meet leading Czech intellectuals with academic and/or professional backgrounds and a long experience of teaching expatriates.

Lecturers: Petr Bílek, Václav Cílek, Ivana Doležalová, Vladimíra Dvořáková, Jitka Kauerová, Martin Moravec, Petr Vymětal

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